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You are precious.

AN Dance is a community that cultivates life-giving relationships, artistry, and culture. We offer classes in Classical Ballet, Jazz Dance, Body Conditioning, and more. Arise, shine light, and shower blessings to the world around you by the way you live and move.


Classical ballet is the foundation of all dance. Jazz dance explores free movement to musicals, soundtracks, and everyone's favorite songs. Body Conditioning Classes strengthens your core and prepares you to shine brightly. Hula, Hip-Hop, Musicals, and more classes are on the horizon.


We love to dance. We want to see you dancing with joy. Even if you’re a beginner, dancing for the first time, you are welcome. Adults, children, family members and the mature, come! Let's shine through dance and cultivate beautiful community. Won’t you join us as we awaken our souls to sing and discover a well-balanced life together.


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All Nations Dance School • ARISE


Here at All Nations Dance School, we offer classes of classic ballet, jazz dance, and a body conditioning • exercise class that focuses on maintaining physical health. Our desire is to see this world enriched through our movements and lifestyle.



We offer infant classes, children's classes, and adult classes. Infant and child classes are paid on a monthly tuition basis. Adult ballet and all other classes paid with tickets. For those with no past experience, they will be gently instructed from the beginning. 

Body Conditioning • Exercise

Students are guided through a variety of stretches utilizing the lesson bar, through simple ballet exercises, and exercises combined with dance steps. The class is relaxed and low key, allowing those who are not accustomed to intense exercise or those advanced in age to participate safely but still be able to have a wonderful time.


J-Dance helps to improve our students' physical conditioning, flexibility, and dance basics. Special elements such as dance moves and gestures are incorporated into the class as well. 


Lesson Length

The length of the lesson will vary depending on the class. Infant classes are 45 minutes, elementary ballet is 60 minutes, and junior high through adult classes are 90 minutes. Body conditioning and J-Dance lesson duration times vary from class to class.

What to Prepare

Students are required to purchase leotards, tights, and shoes at their own expense.



Our ballet classes hold a ballet recital every 18 months. We strongly encourage all students to participate. Recital and costumes fees are charged separately.

Let us be consistent in coming to class. To prevent absences and tardiness, we ask that you train your heart and body with preparedness and diligence.

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