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3 Ways to Pray for Japan

As leaders have gathered to pray over Japan, the repeated sense is Japan is on the brink of an awakening.

There has been 70 years of frustration and burnout, years spent in quiet and faithful labouring, and those who have continued steadfast in prayer. We honour them with the crown of perseverance and endurance. But will they see—with their own eyes—the mercy of the Lord poured out on this nation.

The signs have already begun. So what will an awakening in Japan look like?

Here are three prayers you can add to your arsenal to make a difference for Japan's future.


1. Pray that members of the Imperial family will proclaim the truth of One Father God over all creation.

Topic: Allegiance.

When any emperor is proclaimed as God, that nation is bound to fail. This is the clamouring of the enemy to exalt His system above the authority of Heaven. However, with humility a nation can be restored (Daniel 4).

Father, we pray blessing for the Imperial family. May a Spirit of Wisdom come upon many members of the Imperial family—in dreams, visions and confirmation from others. Increase courage and revelation in the Anointed Savior. May they declare the One Creator God as Lord over the whole nation.


2. Pray that the highest ranking military leaders will own their God given responsibility to handle the military defence forces. Pray that there will be an open Bible involved in strategic planning and operations.

Topic: Forgiveness.

Father, may the leadership over the military and government gather around the word of God daily. Share your heart for this nation. We pray you would move them to make an honest confession of past war crimes, they would seek forgiveness and that the Angel of the Lord would lead in the way of wisdom.


3. Pray that transformation will begin on major high places. Pray that monks will meet with the living God and shrines and temples and the communities surrounding them will shift what and who they are worshiping.

Topic: Authority.

The spiritual authorities term of office has ended. They no longer hold power other than what continues to be given them through worthless traditions. Pray for new Japanese Believers to rise up take over that authority in humble service to Yeshua. That there is no need for this movement of God to look Western. Pray for transformation as hikers and pilgrims make their ritual treks to temple areas, there they would encounter the living God pouring out healing and mercy through former Buddhist and Shinto monks.

Father, the high places are yours. The Earth is yours and everything in it. Transform the places of worship on a community scale. Whole communities will be changed in a moment as your glory of God falls upon them. Arise and shine. Cause the temples and shrines to be transformed by true worship—places of healing, restoration and overcome by resurrection power. Other spiritual authorities no longer have any claims. Send them away. Cut off their influence.

I Pray whole communities will receive gospel revelation at the same time—clusters of neighboring houses and whole households. Father, visit entire households and transform them by your glory. May the Japanese awake to the Gospel in a way it makes sense to the Japanese. May the identity of ancestral worship will be broken. Chains of useless tradition would rattle back to the grave. Shame will be removed and sonship will be revealed.


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