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Demonstrative Adjectives (Part 2) 形容詞の指示詞 (その2)

Hello once again, I hope that you are doing well. Today I want to complete our discussion on the use of Demonstratives in English. Again this is not an all comprehensive post but I hope that this will give you a better understanding.



Demonstrative adjectives are used to modify nouns and pronouns in a sentence. The words listed below might look familiar.


If you've been following the blog you will notice that the basic demonstrative pronouns and adjectives are the same. That said, there are a few things that I want to address with this issue.



The rules of a demonstrative pronoun dictate that you will see a sentence structure where there is a use of "demonstrative pronoun + verb."

代名詞の指示詞の場合、文章は次のような並びかたで書かれています:「代名詞の指示詞 + 動詞」

"Can you grab this for me?"

Here you really need context to understand what is being talked about. We have no idea what "this" means in the sentence above.

この文章を理解するのに、背景を知らないといけませんね。「this」が実際何なのかはわかりません。 Demonstrative adjectives use a sentence structure where there is the use of a "demonstrative adjectives + noun."

形容詞の指示詞の場合、このように文章を書きます:「形容詞の指示詞 + 名詞」

"This blue button is pretty."

Here we can see that "this" is referring to the "blue button." Most of the time demonstrative adjectives are going to be used to show or point to something distinct. It's not used to talk about something vague.

「This」は 「blue button」を指していることがわかります。形容詞の指示詞はほぼいつも特別なものを指したり表しています。何を話しているかははっきりしています。


There are times when numbers can also be considered demonstrative adjectives. Let's look at three examples.


I ran a race on Thursday and I got fourth place.
I was the tenth person in line at the checkout.
My twin brother was first and I was born second.

These types of numbers are called ordinal numbers. They are a form of demonstrative adjectives.

これらの数字は順序を表す数字です。 How cool is that. Anyway I hope you have yourself a great day and see you next time. Speaking of time, let's discuss it in the next post.




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