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How's the Weather? お天気はどうですか?

“It’s really raining out there.” Aside from learning basic phrases or vocabulary that can help you with self introduction, numbers, and colors; learning how to talk about the weather is one of the first things people will learn. And if you happen to be in a country that has seasonal changes throughout the year, like it does here in Japan, you can be nearly certain that your neighbors will bring up the weather when you see them. If you happen to be going through a particular season which most people dislike, hearing things like, “It’s so nice to have some sun, though the humidity is a bit high.” So why do we do this?


Although we live in a society where most of us do not rely on good weather in order to work, and we may sit in offices with climate control, we are all in the end subjugated to how the weather is on a given day. Just this morning I was walking from the station to my house in a small deluge, the wind caught my umbrella and for three seconds I reconsidered my decision to walk as I had to clench my umbrella as it was nearly taken away by a strong wind, which caused it to fold inside out. For the most part we are able to isolate ourselves from the elements, but sometimes they become too much and we have to admit that weather does effect us. It’s not all negative though, by any means. There are seasons which are exceptionally well liked and this is seen when people fill the streets, parks, and beaches all while they fill their stomaches with food and drink acquired from those who line these aforementioned destinations. Most people like to be outdoors, and when the rain has stopped, the sun is shining, and it’s not too humid, people love to be out and about. When it’s cool and snow is underfoot friends will gather together and embrace the chill air as they meander their way past tall glass windows displaying treats and other goodies till they stop to take pictures of the fallen snow upon the bare tree branches.




So enjoy these seasons of change, each with its unique flavor, sights, and sounds. So the next time someone asks you about the weather you can say, “There’s been and will be better.”



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