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Parts of Speech             品詞

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Over the next few post I want to look at the different parts of speech in English. Along with the quick analysis I want to give you a few opportunities to test out your understanding of the materials being covered in the blog with some simple questions. 今日からしばらく、英語に出てくるいくつかの品詞を見ていきたいと思います。説明と一緒に、勉強されているみなさまの理解力を試すために簡単な質問も準備します。

  • Nouns- A noun is a word that includes a person, place, thing, or idea. A noun may take on the role of a sentences' subject(s) or object(s). It is necessary to include a noun in a sentence. 名詞:人、場所、物、か考えを表す言葉。文章の主語または目的語でもあります。文章には必ず名刺が入っていなければなりません。

  • Pronouns- Simply put, a pronoun is a specific word that is used to rename a noun in a sentence. 代名詞:単純に言うと、代名詞とは文章で使われている名詞の代わりに使われる特別な言葉です。

  • Verbs- Verbs are words that show what the subject in a sentence is doing. Within this we have four main divisions with one smaller part. They are as follows. 動詞:文章の主語が何をしているかを表す言葉です。動詞は4つの部分と一つ小さいグループに分けられています。

- Action transitives 他動詞

- Action intransitives 不他動詞

- No‑action to be verbs 不動 「to be」 動詞

- No‑action linking verbs 不動連結動詞

- Auxiliary verbs, also called a helping verbs of which there are 23. 助動詞(23個)

Like a noun, the use of a verb is necessary in a sentence.


  • Adjectives- These are words that are used to describe either nouns or pronouns and generally work as a way to add detail. 形容詞:名詞または代名詞を説明する言葉。詳細を加えるために使われる言葉。

  • Adverbs- These are words that are used to modify a verb. 副詞:動詞を修飾する言葉

  • Prepositions- These are words that are placed before a noun or pronoun to modify another word in a sentence. 前置詞:名詞または代名詞の前にくる、文章にある言葉を修飾する言葉。

  • Conjunctions- A conjunction joins words or phrases. 接続詞:言葉やフレーズを接続する。

  • Interjections- These words are used to express an emotion. 間投詞:感情を表す言葉。

And the bonus one...


  • Articles- There are only three of these a, an, and the and if you want to learn more about their use please look at the following article. 冠詞:3つしかありません:「a, an, the」。これについてもってしたければ、こちらをクリックしてください。

Alright, so thank you and I am looking forward to diving into these in the future.

Have a good day.




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