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Talking of... そういえば...

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing well. This week I want to continue to discuss the topic of changing subjects in a conversation by presenting you with a list of words and phrases that can help with this topic. Along with each of these words and phrases I’ll be giving you an example for each of them. Let’s jump in.



Talking of…

“So we went to the movie together and had some popcorn. Talking of popcorn, do you ever get kernels stuck in your teeth? It’s so annoying. Anyway, the movie was…”



What about… 〜はどう?

“At 3pm I have a soccer match against the leagues top team, then I’ll be going over to David’s place for his birthday party. There’s going to be pizza, cake, and tons of other goodies. What about you? What will you be doing Saturday?



That reminds me…

“Over the next three nights we will be camping near Yellowstone National Park for our anniversary. That reminds me, I need to make sure that the camper and tents are ready for our trip.”



That’s interesting, because something similar happened to me…

“I can’t imagine what went through his head went he ran in front of the car when I had a green light. After I put on the brakes and honked my horn at him, he threw up his arms and started yelling.” “That’s interesting, because something similar happened to me last week on Elm Street, except it was a young lady walking her dog.




These are all topics that are related to the current subject that was being discussed previously. In the first example which used “talking of” the individual had just been discussing a movie they had just seen. At the same time though, they had been eating popcorn. Perhaps they were reminded of the incident of getting something stuck in their teeth, or they wanted to take a break and briefly mention something they’ve considered before. These are wonderful phrases and can be used in many situations. Talking of which, let’s get to our next set of phrases;)

これらのフレーズは今まで話していたトピックと関連する話題に変える時に使うフレーズです。例えば、最初の例「Talking of」では、さっきまでは映画の話をしていました。同時にポップコーンも食べてた。英語とは関係ないかもしれないけど、実際に歯に挟まったかもしれないので思い出して言いたかったかもしれません。上のフレーズは様々な状況で使えます。では、次のフレーズへ!


I just thought of something I wanted to ask you…

“Anyway, when we leave if you can walk the dogs three times a day and make sure they have food and water that would be great.” “Yeah, that’s what I was expecting. Oh, I just thought of something I wanted to ask you. What about the birds?” “We are letting the Miller family watch them.”





Oh, before I forget…

“After you wash the car, please vacuum the interior as well. Oh, and before I forget, did you call the mechanic this morning to make the appointment for the oil change?



By the way…

“The food there was sooo good. I highly recommend that you try their house steak with the red wine, it was so tender. By the way, the 220g steak is quite enough. Usually I take quantity over quality but this is an exception.



I just thought of something…

“When the clock reads 5:00pm you should get off the computer to take a 30 minute break. Hold on, I just thought of something, have you done your chores yet?



These last four examples are used when you want to completely change subjects. In example "oh before I forget" we see that the the individual is discussing a list of things that needs to be done, which reminded them of a need to the oil in the car to be changed.

最後の4つの例は今まで話していた話題から全く違う話題に変える時に使うフレーズです。「Oh, before I forget」と例では、ある人がこれからやらなければならないものをリストしていた途中に、車のオイルチェンジも必要だってことを思い出した。


Thank you very much, and I hope that you have yourselves a wonderful day.



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