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- A new document type: MathZ for preformatted document templates - Sub Document Section: Equations and TeX macros for the new document type MathZ, with line numbering - A macro language that enables you to write LaTeX commands directly in your document. - The MathZ Section has been improved: you can now change the category of the section you are in or the one that will be used by your document. - The line numbering for LaTeX equations and formulas of the MathZ Section can be easily edited. - A new command for changing the style of the equation numbering: {equation*}...{/equation*} - A new command for spacing between equation groups: {align*}...{/align*} - A new command for spacing between equations within the same group: {alignat*}...{/alignat*} - The option of the equation numbering to be per-equation will be checked at build-time - 'All sorts' 'Align a whole group of equations' 'Align in row' 'Align in column' 'Align in column (center)' 'Align left' 'Align right' 'Align across line' 'Align at paragraph' 'Align in paragraph' 'Align at page' 'Align page' 'Align across page' 'Align to previous line' 'Align to next line' 'Align in this row' 'Align in this row (center)' 'Align in this row (center)' 'Align centered within a row' 'Align centered across rows' 'Align within a column' 'Align centered within a column' 'Align centered across columns' 'Align across line in center of page' 'Align in paragraph in center of page' 'Align in page in center of page' 'Align in page center of page' 'Align in page in center of page' 'Align in paragraph in page center of page' 'Align page center of page' 'Align in page center of page' 'Align within column in center of page' 'Align across line in page center of page' 'Align centered across page' 'Align centered across page' 'Align centered across page' 'Align centered across page' 'Align within paragraph in center of page' 'Align in page in center of page' 'Align in page in center a5204a7ec7

• Provides a large range of texts macros to simplify the typing of LaTeX code and to create tables, tabular, matrix, complex environments (large arrows, …) and so on. • Macro content is easy to read, clear and of high quality because it was created by authors of the LaTeX manual and by users. • It is the last solution to simplify the typing of LaTeX code! • The capabilities of LaTeX Macros are wider than we could have imagined. • We can create macros with the support of two different code systems, TeX-DVI and PDF. • The user interface is very simple. It requires just few clicks and no knowledge of LaTeX. • Installation is very simple: no installation program is required. You only have to copy the various files from the LaTeX Macros ZIP archive to your hard drive. • Use now LaTeX Macros and forget the manual... This is the default package for the useful package of my installation. The package option shoud consider the key used by the character (it is a good option, because it allows the numerical key, for example, number 1 for the letter ‘A’). Although it is better, you can change the default option later in the installation or folder. The file mybackup.sty was created using the option of the first line of the package. This is a dump of the options that I have learned in the first post. As the name says, the package is designed to help me to create a backup file with the same options as the existing file. In addition, the file mybackup2.sty gives me the possibility to modify the options or to create a new back-up file. The first thing, you have to do is to install the package. This can be done through the package manager or with the command line package. After that, you have to go to the folder where the folder mybackup.sty is located and make the command: !mkdir -p $HOME/tex/mybackup Then, you have to download the package, i.e. you have to unzip the archive that you downloaded to the folder mybackup. Simply type the following: For example, you may need to copy a file from your first directory to the second one. Just use the cd command. For example, the command would be like this: cd ~/tex

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