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Dance School • ARISE

Here at ARISE, whether they are young of age or wizened in years, we encourage our students to mingle with one another through physical movement of the body and exercise of the mind. 


Whether one comes from a busy life schedule or has lots of spare time on hand, we believe that the time spent here will grow to be meaningful and precious. Come, arise and shine!  

English School • ABLE


At ABLE English school, students are able to learn practical and applicable styles of reading and writing in English. Through casual conversation and fun activities, they are able to learn correct pronunciation and uses of the language. 


Classes are taught by native speaking English educators. Students have the choice of joining a private or small group class. 


Japanese staff in the school are readily available to listen to any concerns or needs the students may have, as well as accommodating students in such a way that will help them achieve their goals. 




Admission Fee   ¥15,000

Family (up to 2nd-degree relatives)   ¥12,000

Trial Lesson   ¥1,000

Ticket Fees

5 tickets (valid for 6 months)   ¥11,000

10 tickets (valid for 6 months)   ¥20,000

20 tickets (valid for 6 months)   ¥36,000

* Tickets can also be used for dance and art.