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Ordinals 順序を示す言葉

The purpose of ordinals is to indicate an order or position of one thing or another. For example, you are watching a race and the person you were rooting for crossed the line just after another racer. So what place did they come in? Two place? What about the racer who crossed before your preferred racer, did she get one place? These are not correct but honestly, they aren’t too far off.

順序の目的はあるものがどの位置か順番にでてくることを示すためです。例えば、競争をみてる時、応援していた選手が一位の人のすぐ後にゴールしました。この場合、何位と言うどでしょうか?英語で、two place と言うのでしょうか?または、一位の人はone placeで正しいのでしょうか?正しくはないのですが、正解に近いです。

In English we would say that racer who crossed the line before your preferred racer came in first place or 1st.

英語では、一番最初にゴールした人が、「came in first place」 と言います。または、「1st place」 とも言えます。

For the racer you were rooting for we would say they came in second place or 2nd.

と言うわけで、自分が応援していた人は 「came in second place」または 「2nd」 と言います。

There we go. In English there are four letter combinations that are used. “st”, “nd”, “rd”, and “th” With the number written before it.


1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th etc. You’ve done it! Well what about any number after that? Take a look at the graph below to see a few more examples. Take special care when looking at 11-19. All of these numbers use the “th” ordinal at the end. 112 would be read as one-hundred twelfth. Once you get beyond any number that ends with 11-19 repeat the endings that you find on numbers 1-10.

1st(ファースト)、2nd(セカント)、3rd(サード)、4th(フォース)、そして5th(フィッス)など。それだけです!では、その後にくる数字はどうかな。下のグラフにいくつかの例をあげてみました。11〜19番はとくに気をつけましょう。なぜなら、全てが「th」で終わるからです。112は「one-hundred twelfth」と読みます。19を超えた数字は1〜10の文字に戻ります。

Let’s check your understanding.


Read these numbers with their corresponding ordinals. 128, 43, 72, 61, and 114.


Did you say, one-hundred twenty-eighth, forty-third, seventy-second, sixty-first and one hundred-fourteenth. Great!

このように言えましたか?「one-hundred twenty-eighth, forty-third, seventy-second, sixty-first and one hundred-fourteenth」


That’s about it. Next time let’s take a look at the twelve tenses used in English.



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