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All Nations Art Community

Arise and Shine!


The light of Christ has already shone upon you and radiates from within you.

We were hand designed by God, the Creator, for His glory, for the greatest work of art. We were created to be radiant.

 From one to two and two to three, we will work together in cooperation to share and spread our God-given talents and experiences.

We use our heart and mind, strength and spirit creatively to achieve maximum results in every challenging  condition.

Made for Glory! 

I will be a good steward of  my life, body, thoughts, time, abilities, and possessions that I have been given and treat them with respect.

When problems and difficulties arise, when discomfort and anger come, we do not overlook them .We do not cast them aside. First, sit quietly before God and receive His wisdom and power. Then we are to commit to sharing with those around us for mutual benefit and respect.

We return all these things back to the one true God, Jesus Christ our Savior, and God the Father

We choose to be filled with the Holy Spirit, dedicate our talents and plans, successes and failures, joy and sadness,

and will give thanks in Jesus’ name.

To Him give all glory!

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