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バレエ教師 / 庵原ミハエル


English Translation:

Ballet Exercise Efficacy for Middle and Upper Aged Women

As advanced age groups are increasing in developed countries, many women are beginning to experience the benefits of various exercise routines. Benefits of ballet have been known for centuries, why not discover them for yourself?

Classical ballet—which has flourished for over 350 years—is of itself an art form, but is also a combination of individual finished movements as meticulous as mathematics. Moving according to those crafted patterns activates both the body and the brain—increasing the benefits.

While listening to classical music and training your body in systematic movement, the brain is activated. This activation increases memory (slows forgetfulness) and because ballet is aerobic—blood circulation is increased and the immune system receives a boost. This kind of body/brain activation is also generally said to block disease.

In short—actively participating in ballet can make you feel better and think smarter. Regardless of age, why not experience the benefits of ballet for yourself?

By Mihaeru Ihara


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