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Start of morning Body Conditioning

Why don't you activate your brain and body in the morning and start your day with a smile?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7:15am-7:55am 40min

I will start from January 11 (Tuesday).

Sleeping in late is allowed until 7:30 a.m. 😄.

You can also leave early to go to school or work: 🙆‍♀️

Free for as many times as you want, all throughout January. Come try it out and join us ✨. 

I think 4 days a week is great for me 💦 I'm waiting for someone who can motivate and work hard with me ❤️

In the picture, they are holding a flag, but it's not a flag dance class. ☺️ I put it as a Hooray 🙌

By the way, Flag Worship Dance @ Kamanobuchi Park in Ome City Saturday, January 15, 10am-.


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