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ALIGN your ART with Heaven

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Update: This Seminar has been moved to 2022.

Fellow Artists, how do your paintings encourage viewers toward engagement with God? It's our desire to influence with our art. But how do we ensure we are doing it well and sending the right kind of messages?

Allow me to scratch the surface with a few practical steps.

First, our images arise out of our heart. If communion with Christ is paramount to us, it is more likely to spill out into our art. Let's place a high priority on meditating on everything that makes God lovely. Let us train our imaginations to focus on the throne room. As we create from a place of abiding in the love of God, the natural overflow is beauty.

Second, we need experience and skill in our craft. This requires understanding the principles of design, the elements of art, and practical techniques in achieving aesthetic outcomes. This require reviewing and being mindful throughout the process, constantly re-evaluating what works and what needs changes and adjustments.

Third, we must have discipline to keep producing. Through the ups and downs of artistic emotions, along with the push and pull of the world, establishing a steady pace is imperative. This will develop in us resilience and stamina.

Fourth we all benefit from community. Don't do it alone. Surrounding ourselves with other artists and encouragers who believe in us, helps keep our motivation alive. We are made for interaction, and we need an audience.

April, 2022, on the outskirts of Tokyo, a small group of professional creatives and select students will gather together purposed to cultivate personal intimacy with Christ, inspire one another, and release skill based insights. Please consider joining this seminar, either online or in person.

Glory & Beauty : A short meditation on prophetic art


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