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Arise and Shine | Introducing the All Nations Dance School • ARISE

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Arise and Shine. You are Made For Glory.

Facing the spreading Okutama mountains, and within a hop and a skip from the gentle babbling of the Tama river—we begin a new season of blessings. In this beautiful location, All Nations Art Community will host dance classes in a new facility—officially open on the first of April, 2019.

In all our classes we strive to instill a sense of purpose, value, and love for others with the love of our loving Father God. We aim to provide you with teachers of excellence, who desire to see you flourish in mind and body and skill. You hold precious gems inside you waiting to be discovered.

From the heart of our Christian faith, this is a year of anticipation for the hope and glory of Jesus Christ. We serve you with the gifts God has given to us—through dance, English and art.

In addition, the All Nations Art Community facility operates English and art classes, a prayer room and cafe, made available to all of our members. So please enjoy our community space as well.

Arise and shine. You are made for glory.

- Yasuko

Founder and Director


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