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Deification of the Emperor of Japan

“... on 14 November, yet another ceremony will be held, a mysterious affair in which the emperor may or may not have conjugal relations with a goddess. Being a secret ritual and known as the daijosai, it occurs inside two of a series of temporary wooden buildings erected just for the occasion in the east gardens of the Imperial Palace. Nobody knows for sure what happens during the rites, which have roots in Shinto, Japan’s indigenous religion. The emperor is said to offer rice and other specially prepared foods to Amaterasu Omikami, the sun goddess from whom all emperors, according to legend, are descended. In part of the ceremony, the emperor enters an inner sanctuary at night on his own, accompanied only by two ladies-in-waiting. Analysts and Shinto ritualists have offered different speculation about what, exactly, Naruhito did there while 1,000 guests waited outside. There is a bed inside the sanctum, so some say the emperor lies down with his ancestors and enters into spiritual communion with the gods. Others say he actually becomes a god (though the emperor’s godlike status was annulled by the Americans after World War II). Another theory holds that he has a conjugal visit with the sun goddess.

In the Chrysanthemum traditions, Naruhito became the 126th Emperor of Japan, the latest in an unbroken line that stretches back 14 centuries. The accession in May also signaled officially the start of the “Reiwa” era. Each emperor’s reign is marked by their era name. Reiwa was adopted

from an 8th century anthology of classic poetry and means “beautiful harmony”.

After Japan’s defeat in World War II, the role of the emperor has changed significantly when Naruhito’s grandfather, Emperor Hirohito, sat on the throne. Once considered the living embodiment of gods, the emperor has become a largely symbolic figure. Unlike other monarchs, Naruhito is a symbol of the state rather than the head of state, and the Japanese emperor wields no political power. “


Many Christians have been praying blessings over this Emperial family, who appear to have an Ester anointing (for such a time as this). Please join us in prayer, that;

1. The Emperor and family would encounter the living God and be protected

2. The lies and schemes of the adversary would be exposed and nullified

3. A proclamation of one Loving Father God would be voiced over Japan (a key to turn hearts of fathers to their children and children to their fathers.)



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