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Gazing Toward Glory | Introducing the All Nations Prayer Room • AWE

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Gazing Toward Glory

Dear people of Ome, Okutama and Mt. Mitake, you are a precious treasure. We believe you are chosen for a unique purpose — one which only you can achieve. Your purpose is to make Japan even more beautiful, through a greater connection to one another and to God—the loving Father of humanity.

Our highest call is to love with all our being—both Christ, our Creator, Author,and Perfecter, as well as every person we meet in our daily walk. We believe we can love better as we capture more understanding of how much we are loved by Him.

All Nations Prayer Room is a space for followers of Jesus to discover prayers and plans from Heaven to be realized for the city of Ome and beyond. It is a place for intercessors to share their contending hearts. AWE is a space for people of prayer to connect with one another and agree on common direction. This is a room dedicated to enter into the presence of the Lord and be empowered by Holy Spirit to impact lives with love.

We follow the example of Christ to serve, strengthen, and unify those around us. We support diversity of spiritual gifts. We respect differences in denominational theology. We recognize the command to be in agreement with one another. We honor relationships as of greater value than accomplishment. We choose to bless generously, and be mindful to meet needs and heal Hurts.


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