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Hello everyone, I hope that you are all doing well. Imagine you have a friend or group of friends come to visit. As you guys are chatting it’s mentioned that they’d love you to take them to your favorite place. On the other hand, perhaps your significant other is currently living elsewhere and when you are meeting with them, you have a list of places and things you want to see and do.


For the most part, people enjoy being able to spend time with one another going places and doing things. That’s what we are going to discuss today.


How can you respond to someone asking you “Where can we go?" or "What should we do?”

How do you ask your friend to show you around the place they live?


Think of some of the places you’d like to take a friend to, or a place you'd like to be taken to.



Places to go indoors:


  1. A restaurant レストラン

  2. A cafe カフェ

  3. A hotel ホテル

  4. The mall モール

  5. An auditorium or concert hall オーディトリアムまたはコンサートホール

Places outdoors:


  1. A park 公園

  2. A zoo 動物園

  3. The beach 海岸

  4. A campsite キャンプ場

  5. A sports stadium スポーツスタジアム

And what can you do in these places?


  1. Get a bite to eat 何か食べる

  2. Get some coffee コーヒを飲む

  3. Stay the night 宿泊する

  4. Go shopping 買い物に行く

  5. Go to a concert コンサートに行く

  6. Go on a picnic ピクニックする

  7. See the animals. 動物を見る

  8. Go swimming 泳ぐ

  9. Go camping キャンピングする

  10. Go to a game/match ゲーム/試合を見る


In the following model conversation a friend from the USA is coming to visit her friend in Japan. The American friend enjoys nature and loves to be outdoors.


“Hey Jane, good to hear from you.”

“Hi Mei, thanks for taking the time to talk with me about my upcoming trip.”“How are your trip’s plans coming along? Do you want to go or do anything in particular while you are here?”“In the past you mentioned that Okinawa has a number of beaches that people like to go to, are there any within walking distance from your place?”

“Yes, the beach I like to visit is about 10 minutes away.”

“What can you do there?”

“Well, besides swimming, we can get some things from the supermarket and have a BBQ on the beach. Plus there are many little shops near the beach that we can go shopping at as well. Are you looking for any souvenirs for yourself or friends?”

“I want to find a bumper sticker for my car, and for my friends I’m looking to get them some Okinawan snacks, but I’m not sure which ones to get…”

Now, let’s look over the example above. First off, if you are going to be meeting with a friend it’s best to plan what you might do. In this example the friend Mei, who is living in Japan, asks her friend what she’s like to do while in Okinawa. Though this is not a bad question it might have been best if she could recommend a number of things that the two of them could do. Does Mei know of Jane’s interest in the being outdoors, if so perhaps she could have said this instead.


“Hey Jane, I know you like being outdoors, there’s a great beach area only 10 minutes away from my place…”


Now, let’s look at a second example

Perhaps your friend from overseas is coming to visit you where you live and he’s emailing you a set of things he’d like to do. How can you respond to him? Your friend has been eager to not only visit you, but go to a number of sporting events and concerts as they are big fans of your countries’ culture.



Hey John, I’m looking forward to my trip to New Zealand next month. I’ve been looking over my schedule and I think I’ll be able to see you between December 13th-19th, are you still available on those days? If so, I’m wanting go to Eden Park stadium in Aukland to see the All Blacks play a match on the 15th. Where would be the best place to get tickets? After the game I would like to stay in town, maybe I can book a reasonable hotel for myself, you, and your family to stay the night at. In the morning there is a cultural music festival that I’d like to go to. It starts near at 10am at the Auckland Town Hall and there are various other events taking place that I’d like to enjoy. If you and your family can join me I’d enjoy that very much. If not, I’d still like to spend the 17th through the 19th at your guys’ place. Many thanks and see you soon,Kevin

So in this email there are a couple of things to consider. Your friend John has asked you to confirm a number of things. Be as honest as you can and give him as much information as possible.



There we go. Thank you for reading through this blog and if you are interested I’ll be creating a YouTube video in the near future that will accompany this blog using the list of places and things one can do in it.


Have a good day.



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