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Shinsuke Omura, Special Instructor of J-Dance Class

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

J-Dance Class 5:00p.m.〜

Place: All Nations Art Community Arise Dance School

1 Ticket of ANACOM School / Visitor 3000yen More info:

Download PDF • 1.14MB

Instructor Profile

大村真佑 : Shinsuke Omura

Shinsuke Omura first encountered Pilates while working with the Shiki Theatre Company. He felt that core training was essential for a long life as an actor after realizing the improvement of his injuries and performance at the time.

In 2018, she obtained her BESJ Certified Mat Pilates License.

The following year, he went to the U.S. by himself to deepen his body usage at Peri Dance Center in NY.

She is currently active as an actor and instructor.


West Side Story (Stage)

2017 Yokoyama Daisuke's World Maze Theater (Stage)

2018 Kiki's Delivery Service (Stage)

2019 Maniac (Stage)


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