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Temple Vitality

Focused Prayer for Local Church & Pastor Vitality

One of our (ANACOM) aims is to serve the local body of Christ in North West Tokyo. As we move into a season of preparing for the Lords Anointed to return, we ask what will the body of Christ look like in this season of preparation? Here are some areas we are praying into.



Unity seems obvious, and is often mentioned and yet rarely seen. Churches get so busy with their own issues they often fail to reach those outside their congregations, let alone get around to helping each other. We (ANACOM) would like to play a role to bridge that gap. As pastors share their heart with each other, we will see a greater picture of what God is speaking and how He is moving. This big picture will open opportunities for collaboration.

ACTION: The invitation is open for pastors and church leaders to join us in prayer the first and third Tuesdays of each month (1st Tues. 7~8am, 3rd Tues. 8~9pm) @ANACOM.


We want to see Pastors alive and healthy, full of expectation and courage. We desire to encourage Pastors in their brokenness, see freedom from bondages, and healing from wounds. We desire to see pastors operating in their gifting and potential so they can feed His sheep.

ACTION: Share requests and testimonies. Pray for heart issues, actions, and events.


"Lean not on your own understanding." As we humble ourselves through prayer and fasting we expect new strategies will emerge to meet needs, and heal hurts.

ACTION: humble yourself through prayer and fasting. Wait on the Lord. Actively listen. Write down the thoughts that come to you. Share them with us.


If you are interested in supporting this vision, please join us—either physically or in prayer from where ever you are in the world. Comment below with your prayers, visions and strategies for us.

Thank you.

The flourishing human heart, a temple for Living God
Meet Needs + Heal Hurts = Vitality


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