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Treasure Hunting | Introducing All Nations Art • ADVANCE

Treasure Hunting

We’re going on a treasure hunt. You are an artist with gems inside you, but need the map to find them. Discover techniques that advance your skills. Learn how to communicate ideas and story effectively. Learn to lead your audience through careful design choices. Be mentored to create the art you’ve always wanted to. These are treasures worth digging for.

We offer classes in digital art, visual storytelling, and children’s books. So whether you’ve just found an interest in digital painting or you’ve had a story rolling around inside your mind for years, we inspire you toward your passion.

But wait, there is more treasure to unlock.

Discover the relationship of how you co-create with God. Discover artist pitfalls and outfit your tool belt to overcome them. Awake the artist-warrior within to advance you toward your God-designed purposes.

Meet you in the classroom

- Graham

Author, Illustrator, Mentor


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